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The curbing design process first starts with a phone call or email from you, our customer.  An appointment will then be scheduled with the owner for a FREE consultation on the details of your landscape project.  Most estimates take between 15 and 30 minutes.  Together we will look at your color options, curb styles, stamping/texturing choices and individual designs we can create that make your yard even more unique to fit your personal style.


Rock Solid Curbs employees remove any old existing landscape edging so there is no hard work or mess for you to worry about.  We then follow a marked design line with our bed edger to create a clean 8" wide path where your border will be installed.  This destroys any existing roots from creeping grassses, and provides a smooth path for the curb.  The soil is pulverized and disposed of by us.  Any soft spots will be filled with compactable gravel and tamped.  


Once the ground is ready, we begin mixing concrete!  We mix your chosen color, portland cement, sand, and other strengthening ingredients to make the most durable curb.  We also add a reinforcing fiber mesh to the mix to further strengthen the final curb.


The mix is now shoveled into the extruding machine which tightly compacts the concrete, leaving a continuous line of curbing behind.  During this process, we create incredibly strong continuous curb by installing a 1/8" galvanized cable wire through the center of the concrete curb. Cable reinforcement improves the curb's overall strength, durability and longevity, preventing the curb from heaving and separating during our cold Wisconsin winters.



The curb is then hand troweled to perfection leaving behind a smooth curb.  We then texture and stamp your curb with the pattern of your choice.  Rock Solid Curbs strives to be the best in the market with the best in curb materials and designs.  Once the curb is finished and the pattern is complete, expansion joints are cut into the curb approximately every 2 feet. 


Sealing is the final step of installing your new concrete curb.  We carefully seal your finished curb with a specially formulated UV resistant sealer.

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